Certificate of Comprehensive Digital Literacy,
Olena Seredenko

Comprehensive Digital Literacy Course
Course start date:
April 2024
Olena Seredenko
Course end date:
June 2024
Denys Yankin
Michael Baskiv

Course syllabus

1Effective and Safe Internet Search and Communication

  • Browser setup. Navigation in the browser. Effective internet search. Internet security.
  • Email. Social networks and messengers. Video conferencing platforms. Forums. Security and privacy in communication.

2Basics of Using a Word Processor

  • Word Processor: Basics. Text editing. Text formatting. Document organization.
  • Working with tables. Using headers and footers. Formula editor.
  • Working with graphics. Collaborative work on a document.
    Text proofreading and correction.
  • Document export and printing. PDF files.

3Basics of Using a Spreadsheet Editor

  • Interface introduction. Data entry and formatting. Basic data operations.
  • Using formulas. Basic functions. Absolute and relative references.
  • Data sorting and filtering. Using tables and pivot tables. Data visualization.

4Creating Forms

  • Design and form settings. Types of questions. Response collection. Receiving and analyzing responses.

5Creating Presentations

  • Basics. Working with slides. Basics of text editing. Working with graphics.
  • Using animations and transitions. Structuring the presentation.
  • Inserting audio and video.
  • Effective presentation techniques.

6Using Raster Graphics

  • Basics of raster graphics. Selecting and using raster formats. Basics of image editing.
  • Advanced editing techniques: working with layers and masks, retouching and element removal.

7Using Vector Graphics

  • Basics of vector graphics. Main tools and techniques.
  • Creating vector illustrations.
  • ypography and text in vectors.

8Introduction to AI

  • Based on conversational AI systems. Using AI for everyday tasks.

9Creating a Website

  • Without using programming. Theory and practice.